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What happens when you only look through files every 30 years or so? You discover long lost images of many forgotten coworkers. The only thing I can say about this series of images is that all but two or three were taken at some sort of gathering which included some wives. Party? Could be. PATCO meeting? Well, a party, perhaps, but PATCO meetings weren’t usually populated with wives. The date, too, is foggy—it’s likely after I got my first SLR camera, which was in 1971. I left in ’73, which probably brackets it pretty accurately.

If you hover your mouse over any thumbnail, a name will pop up, or a message that I don’t remember a name. The two photos on the right end of the top line were taken elsewhere at a wedding of the guy whose companion is wearing a wedding dress. I don’t have that date, either.

I regret I didn’t take more pictures.

Jim Pieper (BDK) & Dave Siegel Chuck Tenney Jim Godwin Glenn Pierce (Fab) & wife Sandi Len Williams & Sandy

Jeri Tenney Your scribe—Rod (LRod) Peterson Dave Siegel Steve Corrigan I’m sorry—I don’t recognize the lad

Jim Reda I’m sorry—I don’t recognize the lad I’m sorry—I don’t recognize the lad I’m sorry—I don’t recognize the lady I’m sorry—I don’t recognize the lady

Someone & Dave Siegel Some lucky lady fending off Hap Gaynon

For those with a better memory or more recent contact, please let me know the names of the missing—last two in the second row, the whole third row, and the unidentified half of each pair in the bottom row. Thanks.

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