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A list of AF and other support people who staffed ZJX, at various times. as recalled by Vince Preston, Everett Crum, and more as other refugees confess:

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Martin Adamezewski Alfred Adams Cheryl Allen Gil Alfaro John Anderson
James Ansley Richard Bagwell Robert Bass Earl Batten Elsie Baddock
Bob Begley Joe Belden Chuck Bender Charles Benefield Billy Bennett
? Benton Tom Birch Jimmy Black Doyle Bost Jim Bradt
Wade Bright Sam Brocato Jo Brooks Jim Bullock William Byerly
Joe Calhoun Ted Calica Sam Carpenter Howard Carter Ron Catman
Gary Chew Jimmy Cisson Judy Coleman ? Cook Gene Crabtree
Bonnie Crandle James Crandle William Crook Geraldine Crowther Everett Crum
Janet Danley ? Davey Kay Davis Harry Davis Jimmy Davis
Freddy Day Robert Deloach Ron Dorriety John Dow Stafford Driggers
Jerome Duis Johnny Dunn Bobby Durham ? Ellingwood Mel Elrod
Wirt Epley Gregory Everett Don Faunce Bob Fishback Ronald Frederick
Tedderick Gadd Doug Gahris Leon Garrett Tony Gavio John Givens
James Green Lewis Greer Joan Grooms Gus Hall Lester Hamlin
Linda Hannaford Clara Harden Pam Hardwick ? Harper Robert Harris
Thomas Harris Ruth Harris Ruth Hart Wayne Heland Nancy Hendricks
Michael Hendrix Charlie Hewett Gene Higginbotham Glenn Higginbotham Franklin Hobbs
Billy Holland Ron Horn Bob Hoyle Aubry Huckaba Linda Hunter
Ray Jackson Nancy Jensen Gene Jensen Laura Jesinghaus James Johnson
Al Jones Merle Joy Jerry Jung Chrley Kearley Davis Kennedy
Bobby Kimbrell Richard Knight Arthur Knowles Sheldon Lamountain Bill Lavender
Don Leath Jack Lee George Leonard James Leslie Lloyd Lewis
Troy Lindsey Al Linton John Manning David Marrs John Maykut
Chuck McKenzie Pat McQueen Robert Mercer Johnny Merrill Doug Messick
Pat Miceli Angela Miles Charles Miller Frank Moody Jack Moore
Mark Moore Bobby Morris Warren Mosser Ralph Mossor Tommy Murphy
Kermit Muse Jack Newland Jack Nickels Gloria Nicks Joan Nicks
Lisa Nighbert Betty Oppert Gene Nobles Woody Nottage Al Page
Ron Paul Steve Plemons ? Pounders Vince Preston Monica Randolph
Bob Reed Jerry Reid Anthony Rink Carl Robertson Dennis Rodgers
Robert Romer Waldo Romero Ed Rousseau Carl Rowland James Samms
Nick Sciartelli Al Screiber John Sharpe A. V. Shaw John Sikes
John Simpson Jesse Sims Frank Sitton Wilbur Smith Gary Spann
Gary Sparkman Russel Spear Ossie Stanley Luther Starks Jimmy Steeley
Dewey Stemen Ron Stogner Clyde Summerell Alice Swan Frank Thompson
Ernie Thompson Tom Thornton Tony Thrift George Vartti Terry Vaugh
Dan Vickers Robertha Walley Doug Walton Mike Warnock Mary Waters
Wiley Webb Harold Weber Otto Wiggins ? Willoughby Ken Wilkes
Rafe Williams Tommy Withers Pat Wood Cheryl Wortham ? Yoham
Stephen Young

If your name isn’t on here and should be, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to add it. Thanks to Vince Preston (listed above) whose time at ZJX is almost exactly congruent with mine, for providing much of the above—and to be fair, a good bit of it came from Everett Crum, and other sources and channeled through them. Thanks, all.

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