Jacksonville ARTCC Alumni

Lost AF (and others) Mates

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A list of AF and other people who spent time at ZJX, but who have since departed the mortal coil:

(forgiveness for spelling is assumed
mouseover for nicknames which aren’t hurtful, mostly, and date of departure, when available)

Don Adams Lem Baker Marshall Banks Bob Bell Gene Blackshear
Dave Blalock Doyle Bost Charlie Bowman George Brownlie Carl Bulford
Wayne Carpenter George Cline James Coleman Jim Craycraft Pat Crow
Jerry Cutts Del Cyr Bill Fontaine Ron Frederick Don Garrett
Kenny Garland Carl Gay Lewis Greer Sid Griffis Eugene Groves
Bob Gunzinger Jim Hall Eddie Hardcastle Charlie Hubbard Clarence Keith
Chet Kriner Johnny Lawrence Vince Leaver Jack Lee George Leonard
John McIlveen John Manning Pat Marable Chuck Miller Walt Mitchell
Roy Moore Kermit Muse Paul Nance Cliff Poindexter Jack Richardson
Ed Rowe Johnny Scarboro Bo Simmons Wiber Smith William Sutton
Ted Swiderski Fred Torrible Al Wall Chester Williams John Williamson
Ray Winslett

If you knew someone who spent time at ZJX and who has passed on, and their name’s not on this (or the AT) list, please drop me a line and let me know (date of departure would help, too).

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