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A list of AT who did time at ZJX (I was there from ’68-’73). More will be listed (including AF) as other refugees confess:

(forgiveness for spelling is assumed
mouseover for nicknames which aren’t hurtful, mostly
names in green are ones with whom I specifically remember interacting)

Warriner Armbruster Marv Arnette Jerry Agolini Bob Anderson Joe Artone
Frank Atkinson Samuel Ashwell Dick Bain John Balcom Frank Baran
Drexley Barksdale Ken Batick John Bay Ann Fuller Bazzell Ted Beecher
Joe Benson Steve Berkely Bill Bishop Ken Bording Mike Bovinette
Bob Bowersox Earl Brackenwagen Wayne Branch Dave Bray Joseph Bright
Ed Brock Patty Brooks Ron Browne Roy Browning Frank Bucholz
Don Buck George Buesser Teddy Burcham Doug Byron Joe Campbell
Soupy Campbell Fred Carroll Grady Carter AB Chapman George Chapman
Edwin Chattin Buddy Chester Joe Chosney Ed Clayton Wayne Clyatt
Will Coates Pat Cowart John Collette Linda Craig Roy Creel
Freddy Cruess Karen Cruff George Dalton Earl Davis Pete Donaldson
Chuck Doughty Tom Doyle Red Draybeck John Duffy Charles Eisenlau
Chuck Ellis Stanley Ensley Vernon Erickson Anthony Ettaro Dave Evans
Ray Ferris Joseph Few Joe Fournier Gerald Fox Joann (Anderson) French
Walter Garrard Al Gebrosky Fred Gleason Thomas Gore Irene Gorland
Wayne Goss Fred Gourley John Gregory Gene Griffin Gordon Griffin
Jack Gross Sam Halbrook Charles Hallman Edward Hamilton Robert Harik
Mike Harris Jack Harrison Carl Hashey Doug Hatachett Ed Hayes
Richard Hicks Wesley T. Hollis Jack Hood Del Hosic Al Houck
Steve Houston Mack Howard Hal Jensen Louis Jirran Jan Johannes
John Johnson Sarah Johnson Ruth Jones Terry Jones Bob Keith
Bob Kerns Bob Kertling Bob Kick Art Knettle Joe Kreuzer
Ray Laborde Jerry Land Mark Lawson Marvin Leninger Dave Livingston
Tony Lopez Don Lorenzo John Luck James Mcquigg Jack Manning
Bob Marquardt W.A. Marshall Tommy Matthews Carlton Meng Hal Merrit
Lance Millonzi Clifford Monteau Cheryl Mooney Rod Morris Linda Mosser
Cliff Moteau Marvin Moultrie David Mudd Mike Mueller Martin Murray
Al Nagy Steve Nelson Bill Newton Bob Nocito Gene & Nancy O’Donnell
Tim O’Keefe Carl O’Neal Mike O’Rourke Mike Opalewski Al Owen
Paul Pascel Art Paradise Bump Pate Pat Patillo Wayne Paulsen
Alex Paulson Jackie Peterson Rod Peterson Jesse Pomeroy Larry Porter
Jim Pound Jimmy Fay Quine Thomas Rasberry Jim Reda Dennis Redfern
Don Reese Clifford Resengreen Gordon Reynolds Ron Rice Tom Rich
Jack Richardson Phil Ridgdill Bernie Roberts Doug Roseborough Bruce Ross
Chuck Rosser Jim Rushing Jim Ryan Patty Samious Chuck Saunders
Jim Scarborough Charlie Schreurs Charlie Scordo Gary Sharp Roy Sheppard
Dave Siegel Bill Simpson (1st chief) Al Sloan Al Smith Bob Snyder
Herschel Spears Ben Spinks Carl Starnes Mark Swanson Bill Sweeney
Charles Taylor Ira Taylor Phil Taylor David (Pete) Thomson Fred Thrift
Lonnie Todd Roger Tyndall Jack Vann Mary Kay Vanzant Jim Von Dane
Gene Wagall Al Walker Gary Wall Glenn Wannicott (sp?) ? Weaver
Ernie Webster George Weimer Glenn West Warren Wheeler ? White
Bentley Wilkinson Stephen Willett George Wilson Len Williams Tom Wilson
Polly Wise Larry Wium James Wrentmore Walter Wrentmore Martin Woodley
Pat Zenobie

If you remember me and your name’s not green, please drop me a line and remind me of our acquaintance. My memory just isn’t what it used to be. Fully half the names on this list were given me by someone else and from a later time than mine, and it makes my memory look even worse. If you think a name belongs here please check the “In Memoriam” to see if it’s there.

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